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Phone Portals provide fast access to audio content—anytime, anywhere, from any phone. Callers just dial one or more dedicated phone numbers ("dial-in numbers") and press the keys on their phone to hear up-to-the-minute information, instantly and on-demand. Alternatively, your Phone Portal can "shout-out" with time-sensitive, late-breaking news.

What about Set Up and Maintenance?

  • We host and configure everything.  There is no burden on your staff.
  • All content stays on your system. There are no files to transfer.
  • Our servers monitor for new content and media changes in real time.
  • Content also can be recorded and posted remotely, from any phone.
  • We use the G.711 audio codec for high reliability and crystal clarity.
  • We incorporate the most advanced TouchTone, TTS, and IVR technologies.

Custom Solutions for You

At the same time, you can deploy an array of intelligent features that will personalize each caller's experience, maximizing benefits and creating loyalty. With Adondo's SXP2 Core technology [click to view], every call is unique. You can present targeted opportunities (like Click-Through Audio™  advertising) to interact with each listener, and enrich their relationship with you.

Importantly, Phone Portals scale seamlessly to meet your needs. Our load-balanced servers are designed to handle large simultaneous call-surges, the equivalent of "rush-hour" telephony. In conjunction with our network partners, every Adondo® Phone Portal resides on one of the largest VoIP backbones in the world. You'll never worry about callers encountering QoS breakdowns, much less hearing a busy signal.