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At Adondo, we work closely with our customers, leaders in a variety of industries, to create Phone Portal solutions that meet each organization’s unique set of needs and goals. In close collaboration, we create customized, secure Adondo? Phone Portal systems that feature the highest audio quality and most advanced technology so that our clients can more effectively disseminate information and distribute content to their target audience in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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Some of the nation’s largest financial institutions are currently working with Adondo to develop Phone Portal systems that allow analysts and their clients to call from any phone, anywhere, to hear real-time market updates, analysis, and reports. These clients are also able to take advantage of the dial-out capability of the Phone Portal Technology to instantly communicate time-sensitive information by sending phone, SMS, and/or email alerts. At Adondo, we are highly aware of the high security benchmarks of our clients in this industry, and we take pride in providing the most advanced security solutions.
Our clients in print, publishing, new media, and broadcasting are giants in their respective fields, and leaders in creating and disseminating multi-media content. We work closely with these clients to further monetize existing and original content by creating VoIP-based Phone Portal systems that broadcast to their audience over one of the most readily and widely accessible distribution channels—any phone.
Phone Portal systems provide the perfect means for sports organizations to reach avid fan bases. Utilizing Phone Portal Technology, sports networks and teams can offer their fans the ability to call from any phone to hear live game broadcasts, real-time scores, fantasy updates, interviews, and analysis. Adondo also works with these clients to provide “Shout-Outs” (outbound phone calls), SMS text messaging, and email alerts that notify fans of the latest scores and news for their favorite players, teams, and fantasy rosters.
Our clients in television and radio are experienced in distributing news, information, and entertainment in local, national, and global markets. They fully understand the value that a dedicated Phone Portal provides in allowing them to broadcast live streams, podcasts, and other programming to their audience on-demand, at anytime, from anywhere in the world. Television and radio stations are also adopting the Adondo? School-Closing Phone Alert System™ that enables the station to immediately send phone alerts to subscribers when their schools of choice announce weather-related closures or issue other notices. (Systems interoperate seamlessly with existing school-closing data systems.)
At Adondo, we are able to work closely with some of today’s most popular personalities in a variety of sectors: music, comedy, politics, sports, radio, television, film, news, etc. to create unique dial-in Phone Portals that reach their fan bases and constituencies on an unprecedented scale. These clients are also able to initiate “Shout-Outs” (outbound phone calls) to announce appearances and events, and to share information and new programming. These systems allow users to be directly connected to a live agent to purchase tickets or merchandise, join a fan club or distribution list, make a contribution, etc.
Our health care clients are global leaders in their field. They need to be in regular, direct contact with patients, doctors, and nurses; as well as employees and distributors throughout the world. Automatic text-alerts and shout-outs minimize missed appointments and improve drug efficacy. At the same time, multi-lingual Phone Portals are used for various training purposes and to distribute information in a time and cost-effective manner.
Dial-out Phone Portals enable schools to communicate important alerts, school-closing information, and updates to parents in real-time. These Phone Portal systems are inexpensive to develop and maintain, and are administered by Adondo requiring few resources of the school, itself. Adondo also works with schools to create dial-in Phone Portals that function as hubs of up-to-date information (e.g. calendar changes, sports schedules, weather-related information, Home and School Association updates, etc.) These dial-in systems can be accessed from anywhere, and eliminate excessive phone calls to teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff.
Built on a VoIP infrastructure, Phone Portals are an affordable solution for non-profits seeking to be in close contact with their constituencies. Adondo provides the means for these organizations to reach out to hundreds of people simultaneously to share important information, updates, and programming. With Adondo? Click-Through Audio™, callers are also able to be directly connected to a live agent to sign up for, or renew, memberships and subscriptions, or to make a contribution to a favorite institution or cause.
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