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Adondo® Phone Portal technology empowers your enterprise, and your audience, with a suite of advanced telephony capabilities. Callers can hear live streams, up-to-the-minute recordings, and any synthetic-voice options that you desire—all with instantaneous response and crystal-clear audio. Using state-of the-art VoIP technology, listeners can call (or be called) at any time, on any telephone, from anywhere in the world.

“I am blown-away by the audio quality—and how easy it is to use.”
Wall Street Journal listener

Phone Portal Main Applications
Phone Portal Extended Features
Phone Portal User Interfaces
Phone Portals Security and Scalability
Adondo SXP2 Core Technology

Dial-in Portal (Audio On-Demand)
Dial-out Shout-Outs & Wake-Ups
International Phone Numbers
Click-Through Audio™ Advertising
E-mail/Text-Message Notification

Background Media Caching
Dynamic Audio-Clip Insertion
Instant Demographic Alignment
One-Click Automatic Call Transfer
Intelligent Parsers (rss, html, etc)

Optional Caller ID / PIN Security
TouchTone IVR + SRE + TTS
Live-Streaming Media Player
Voice Recording and Posting
Web-Based User Personalization

Full Isolation (code, roles, ports)
Multi-Point External Surveillance
Hot-Swap Server Redundancy
Disposable-Code Object Model
Round-Robin Load Balancing


Adondo® Phone Portals meet the demanding needs of high-security applications. Our engineers have extensive experience in network protection. Every Phone Portal is deployed in a highly controlled environment, and is fully "locked-down." Our surveillance servers monitor all activities and routinely update our staff on system performance.