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Personal Audio Link

PAL is a desktop software product that enables individuals to call their PC from any phone and then hear a wide range of their own personal, as well as internet-based information, over their phone. No special devices, extra software, or mobile internet access is required. Each version of PAL has its own dedicated phone number, and can be set up with CallerId, PIN number, and/or pass phrase security. Using customizable touch-tone commands, or by speaking verbal commands, users can:

• Get email on cell phones (safe while driving)
• Get traffic reports instantly on any cell phone (covers 50 US cities)
• Listen to podcasts on any cell phone (e.g., NPR, ESPN, CNN)
• Get stock quotes on any phone
• Get weather forecasts on cell phones (any city worldwide)
• Get Word, Excel documents on any cell phone.

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Phone Portals

With the PhonePortal product, companies can provide access to content, via audio, any time, from any phone (no internet access required). Users can call one or more dedicated phone numbers (“dial-in numbers”), and when the system answers, they can press buttons on their phone to hear up-to-the-minute information, instantly and on-demand.

Designed to meet the needs of demanding enterprise content providers, the system is a dynamic, flexible, and easily-scalable server-based solution built on a high-performance telephony backbone. Among the various system features are:

• Flexible menu configuration to provide content as desired
• Simple, intuitive navigation
• Ability to insert advertising in various places
• Security through PIN number and CallerId
• Caching to provide the latest information instantly
• International dial-in numbers

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Outbound Alert System

With the Adondo® Alert System you can offer your audience the ability to get the urgent information that they want right now, delivered right to their cell phone. Your audience will value timely and personalized alerts from you—their most trusted source of news—regarding important information:

• Breaking News • School Closings
• Missing Persons • Traffic Alerts
• Weather Notices • Sports Scores
• Ringtones • ... and more

Messages and content can be delivered via automated phone calls, text messages, and/or email. Users opt-in, so they only receive the information they want. The system is:

Modular – You define the information you want to offer and how it can be delivered (e.g., phone call, text message, email). The system can be your full-featured center for delivering all alert content, or you can offer just a single service (e.g., school closing alerts delivered via an automated phone call) – and anything in between.

User Configurable – Users sign up on your web site, selecting the type of information they want and how they want to receive it (e.g., phone call, text message, email). The system is opt-in only, so no unsolicited information is sent

Customizable – The user sign-up page is tailored to your offerings and needs. Audio file and text content can be delivered. Introductory recordings of your personalities are a great way to connect with your audience.

Integrated – The system works with your existing data and information sources, tracking updates to source information real-time. If new services are being offered, simple interfaces or transfer mechanisms capture the necessary content.

Hosted, Turnkey Service – No software is required. You just embed your tailored sign up form into your website to implement the system, which is managed and maintained by Adondo.

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