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Never Leave Your Audience

What does your audience want?   You, of course… and now. They don’t want to wait. They don’t want to miss anything. And they certainly don’t want to be "out of range" or "away from their PC/TV/radio/handheld/whatever." Of course not. They want you now… no matter what. By providing a Phone Portal, you give your audience what they want.

Mobile Audio On-Demand

Adondo® Phone Portal technology brings a suite of advanced capabilities, so that your audience can hear live streams, up-to-the-minute recordings, and synthetic-voice responses—all instantly and with crystal-clear audio. Using state-of the-art VoIP technology, listeners can call at any time, on any telephone, from anywhere in the world. Or, your Phone Portal can call your audience ("Shout-Outs" or "Wake-Ups"), and bring them up to date instantly.

"Push" Marketing

If they are buyers, tell them about your newest offerings as soon as they are released. If they are professionals, give them the answers and information they need fast and on the run. If they are fans, send your live streams and play-by-play analysis wherever they are. If they are readers, let them hear your news and stories (not just read them) whenever they want.

Be with your audience at all times… it’s easy.